Infrared SUDATONIC Wrap

Infrared SUDATONIC Fat-Loss Body Wrap                  $99 

 Lose body fat fast and easy with our fat reduction treatments at New Body Now.  Burn calories and reduce fat and cellulite with the cutting-edge slimming system.  Using a range of unique cream compounds containing essential oils, the body is heated within an infrared blanket which causes the natural reaction of the body to sweat in order to cool down.  The formulated cream makes sweating more difficult for the body, which in turn, forces the breakdown of fat cells in order to push the sweat out.  Similar to the effects of a traditional sauna, SUDATONIC eliminates excess water, but then, goes further attacking excess fat.*

*Inch Loss is calculated based on a 15-point measurement system over the entire body. Results vary based on each body type and clients should not expect dramatic inch-loss from any specific area in a single visit. Diet and exercise will also help prolong and promote inch-loss results.

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The Infrared SUDATONIC Body Wrap also rids the body of unwanted toxins and waste.  Regular detoxification is vital to feeling great as we are putting toxins into our bodies daily.  Body detox treatments also promote inch-loss because toxins are stored in the body around the fat cells.  The creams used for the treatment also fortify the skin with vital nutrients leaving skin refreshed and revitalized.  The result is a slimmer, healthier, radiant you!


With the SUDATONIC Body Wrap at New Body Now, our trained technicians will analyze your BMI, offer a brief nutritional consultation, apply the appropriate creams designed specifically to help you reach your goals, and wrap you comfortably in the SUDATONIC blanket.  During the treatment you can relax and listen to your iPod or MP3, watch your favorite DVD, or browse our media library of movies and shows to watch.


Additional information:


-Please eat a full meal within 2 hours leading up to the appointment time.  Also, hydrate your body with 4-6 glasses of water the day of your appointment and drink 16 ounces of water just before the treatment.


-Try to avoid alcohol, caffeine and carbonation 48 hours prior to appointment for maximum results.


-After the treatment, drink water normally as needed, but avoid consuming large amounts of fluids for at least 4 hours after the treatment.


Health Benefits of SUDATONIC Therapy


All Sales are final. Body wraps are by appointment only and will be booked based on availability at our La Jolla location only. New Body Now does not issue refunds. For more details please see our Policies page.




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