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I just wanted to thank you for the wrap and helping me pass my weigh-in!  
This would have been my third failure and ended my career in the Navy.  
You ladies are amazing!!!  Thank you once again!
Montrell T. -US NAVY, San Diego


New Body Now Body Wraps offers professional advanced inch-loss body wraps in San Diego.  Body wraps  help you instantly shed inches and reduce the appearance of fat and cellulite.  New Body Now helps clients lose inches and detox with our Active Mineral Inch-Loss Body Wraps.  
Want to burn fat & calories? The Infrared Sudatonic Fat-Loss Body Wrap is the perfect solution to reaching longer-term weight-loss goals.
The Ultimate 2-Week Fat-Loss & Inch-Loss Program is designed to flush toxins and fat from the body maximizing weight-loss in as little as 14 days.  Kick-Start WEIGHT-LOSS Today!

Our private office setting combined with our fun and easy-going staff will make losing inches the best experience you've ever had! 

New Body Now offers safe and all-natural body wrap treatments that make losing inches and burning fat fast and easy.  Our body wraps are performed by fully trained and professional technicians to ensure the maximum results and inch-loss with ever body wrap treatment.  Serving La Jolla and surrounding San Diego county, our inch-loss and fat-loss body wrap treatments will make reaching your goals easy and motivating.  Discover your NEW BODY NOW!


Our Body Wrap Treatments help you:         
Detoxify your body with our powerful mineral solutions and active body wraps providing instant inch loss in all of your problem areas.  Our body treatment techniques are performed by trained and experienced technicians and can achieve inches lost in your first treatment alone. 

New Body Now provides mineral body wraps to promote inch loss, skin rejuvenation, and detoxification to produce desired results for our clients.  Our services are non-surgical, natural solutions to achieving a healthier, thinner body in just the first treatment.  Inch loss is achieved instantly making our services popular with individuals seeking short and long-term body mass reduction, as well as military personnel preparing for weigh-ins. 


Serving La Jolla and surrounding San Diego areas, New Body Now specializes in mineral body wraps that remove toxins consumed and absorbed in to our bodies every day.  These toxins can cause everything from weight gain to premature aging, as well as a lack of energy.   Our body wraps work to remove these toxins naturally reviving your skin and body, leaving you refreshed and feeling great.  For more, read our FAQ's


 New Body Now clients are saying...

"The treatments are great...I feel energized.   The membership ensures that I will make the time to do something special for myself."
Monthly Member Lisa C. -Chula Vista, CA

"Happy because I lost a few inches off my waist."
Richard G. -US NAVY San Diego, CA

"The body wrap worked.  It was great to learn about a diet and lose inches off of my waist."
Mike U. -US NAVY San Diego, CA

"I am very happy with the results.  I feel refreshed, light, and excited for the next treatment."
Monthly Member Tina W. -Poway, CA

"Just wanted to say thanks for your help.  I passed my measurements.  Thanks for everything."
John L. -San Diego, CA



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*Inch Loss is calculated based on a 15-point measurement system over the entire body. Results vary based on each body type and clients should not expect dramatic inch-loss from any specific area in a single visit. Diet and exercise will also help prolong and promote inch-loss results. SAFETY and RISK DISCLOSURE

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